Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Info About Me Over @ New Wordpress Site

I know I went and made a whole new site. So much for keeping it simple. Not my style. I like to make it more complicated first then try simple.

It's found here: http://theconfusedhomemaker.com/

I haven't figured out how to transfer over those who were so awesome to follow here on blogger to the new site. However, I did set up a brand spanking new account over there. So you can also NOW join by Google friend connect (followers) over there.

AND I'm now twittering!! I know, like, really? Twitter? Are ya sure you want to do that? Oh, wait that was what my husband said when he found out.

Anyway, iffin' you are into the "tweeting" then you can read all my coffee fueled tweets now. Feel free to check me out @beths_confusion. I'll look to see you over there.


And I love ya! Peace out...